What To Expect From Joining A Competitive Gaming Community

Competitive gaming is an awesome opportunity for all those who want to feel a sense of domination. Thanks to these games, all people with an obsession for the competition can find an engaging outlet to express themselves in a harmless way. Gamers can have fun at all levels. They don’t need to be experts in a certain game to enjoy it. All they want is to be part of a vibrant community of people who share the same values, a community in which to find new friends and enjoy the competitive spirit that defines them.

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Most players of competitive games seek to join online groups and communities. However, not all such communities are suitable for every gamer out there. You need to do your research carefully if you want to make the most our of your efforts of finding like-minded people. As a matter of fact, players of competitive games are never going to be pleased with playing solitaire or other arcade games most receptionists love. If they can’t compete against other players, they lose all interest in playing the game within the first 30 minutes. Unlike solitaire players, competitive gamers feel the urge to congregate, as they need to share their findings and their challenges with other players. This makes these communities extremely dynamic and vibrant, all members feeling compelled to contribute to the conversation. Even beginners take pride in sharing their successes with others. Online gaming is about dialog and interaction, this being the reason why all these gamers need to share their personal experience and in-game adventures.


The biggest advantage of joining a group of gamers is that you can compare your results and stats, and compete against each other. You can organize private competitions on dedicated servers, as knowing who your opponents are can increase the pleasure you find in the game.


The other advantage of such communities is that they offer gamers the opportunity to make friends and to find team partners. Top players love being part of such groups, as they have a good chance to create awareness and gather a pool of loyal fans and followers. They can offer their fans various tips and tricks to use in their competitions, as well as the game plays to study, whenever they encounter difficulties. If you are a gamer, you probably know how frustrating it can be not to be able to pass a level multiple times. By discovering the trick that would enable you to move further, you can avoid many hours, days or even weeks of frustration.


Tops are fascinating for most people. Competition is in our human nature, so very few of us manage to avoid direct comparisons. We compare ourselves against our peers in everything we do. We can’t be happy if all our neighbors or friends have much better cars than we do. Although we could always think about all the poor people in this world and be thankful for what we have, most of us get caught in the competition of becoming better, richer or happier than our neighbors. This psychological feature that defines us all as a race can easily be observed in the fast ascension of competitive gaming. We all love tops, especially when we manage to occupy the first positions. Competitive gaming communities provide players the opportunity to see how they compare to the other members, thus being as addictive as the games themselves. This isn’t necessarily good or bad. It is a fact, so we can only acknowledge it and show more compassion towards people belonging to younger generations, as gaming is part of their life.

Gaming News – July 2016 Breakdown

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  1. New Releases

    First up in gaming news, July 2016 saw the release of Pokemon Go for iOS and Android, Monster Hunter Generations for the Nintendo 3DS, the HD remaster of Resident Evil 5 and Rocket League’s Collector’s Edition for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and Shiren the Wanderer – The Tower of Fortune & the Dice of Fate for the Playstation Vita, among others. There was also a multiplatform release of a new Ghostbusters game, meant to tie into the new 2016 motion picture remake. While Pokemon Go became an instant craze thanks to its easy social media implementation, the most hotly anticipated new console title was easily the new Monster Hunter. The series’ burgeoning popularity has made it Capcom’s biggest saving grace over the last several years.

  2. Pokemon Go

    Speaking of Pokemon Go, the popularity of the title has been nothing short of staggering, especially given its limited features. It has been noted for its ability to inspire people to get out of the house a bit more than they would have otherwise thanks to the requirement of actually going out to search for Pokemon to “catch” via GPS. The game generated an impressive 75 million dollars of revenue within its first three weeks. Android reported that the app was accessed even more frequently than social media titans such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Despite the undeniable success, critics were still only lukewarm about the title overall due to some technical limitations.

  3. Overwatch

    Blizzard’s new hit FPS Overwatch remained just as popular in its third month of official release, and the game also saw its first official new roster addition in the form of Ana, an interesting healing, and support based sniper. Several new balance changes were also put into testing, many involving the admittedly overpowered cowboy, McCree. The time for an attacking team to capture the first point on assault maps was reduced by a minute, and a new counter was implemented to show the current score between teams after rounds are over. These only represent a small handful of the ongoing changes, indicating that Blizzard is doing their best to take community feedback into consideration.

  4. Upcoming Re-Releases

    Two major re-releases caught the attention of gamers far and wide this month. First of all, the Kickstarted new version of Night Dive Studios’ System Shock (the moody action RPG from which the BioShock and Deus Ex franchises derived) was officially announced for PlayStation 4, meaning a much wider audience will be able to experience it. The PS4 is also receiving new versions of Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2, and Dead Rising 2 – Off The Record. The original title was once an exclusive to Xbox 360, meaning many devout Sony players will be playing it for the first time sometime soon. The three titles will also be available on PC and the Xbox One sold separately or bundled together. Release dates are sure to follow soon.

  5. Street Fighter V

    While reports indicated that the game is still underselling, so much so that no new copies needed to be shipped out in the latest quarter, it had a huge boost of general interest and some respectable new digital sales thanks to the Evolution 2016 tournament. For the first time ever, the competitive Street Fighter scene was held in a large scale arena: Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay. The top 8 matches were also broadcast on ESPN 2, another first for the franchise and fighting games in general. While many complained about video games being shown on the traditionally sports based channel, it also won over many new fans, mostly thanks to the promising performance of U.S. player Long Island Joe.



It’s interesting that the gaming landscape was so overtaken by mobile and handheld titles this month. It just goes to show, it doesn’t matter how powerful the hardware is. Even the most basic of premises can set the entire gaming world alight. It will be interesting to see how the likes of Pokemon Go and Monster Hunter will hold up with players as the year progresses. 2016 is only half way over; there’s plenty more gaming to be had!

How Servers, Hosting, And The internet Works

Servers, Hosting and internet

So I was having a conversation the other day with a child and they wanted to know how the internet works. If you think about it only a child would have that type of curiosity to really wonder how the internet works. The funny thing is that most adults probably do not have any idea how the internet works either but they definitely won’t ask that question. Well, it is true that sometimes you might have an adult who wants to know how does their website  get on the internet, how does it stay up how do the computers interact with each other so that any time a day you can always go to a website. These are the questions that most people don’t know, or never think to ask or that they do not know who will be able to answer it for them. Well, we’re definitely a nerd and we can answer that question for you. We’re pretty much a product of the internet and we grew up with the internet all of our lives. And the internet is a pretty amazing thing and  it is a Bridge that connects so many gaps that our society creates for people it brings us together, it creates new income opportunities and it even is a social political force in the world.


Beyond the concept of how the internet gets to your home, there are different wires and satellites and different types of international hubs. Behind all of that are the computers that keep the internet up and they’re called servers. The servers basically do exactly what they say, they serve websites and web pages so that any time of day anyone around the globe can navigate to the site’s URL and find the content that they are looking for. The server is simply a computer that has a specific job of hosting the data that is the backbone of the website. These servers have to be extra durable and fast especially if it is a busy website and gets millions of clicks per day. Most people don’t ask this question until they start to want to own their own website and they don’t understand how the transition between buying a domain and hosting a site really works. It’s also funny names like virtual servers and dedicated servers so it can throw a little bit of extra confusion to them. Quickly we’ll talk about the virtual server. A virtual server is a server that is owned by you alone but it is also on the computer that’s hosting more servers than just your own. This is possible via virtualization where on the computer they can divide up resources and space so that more than one server can exist on that one piece of Hardware. A dedicated server is exactly different from that in that it is a single physical Hardware server that only hosts one person’s website or their hosting websites that that one person owns.  so if you want the ultimate control and you don’t want anyone else sharing Resources with you, then a dedicated server is the way to go. You can also host as many web pages on your dedicated server as you wish.


Servers are typically owned by internet hosting companies and if you ever have the opportunity to visit their locations and see that it’s just these huge rooms full of stacks of computers that are in these cells and in these lockers that are covered with Glass and Metal. It’s pretty fascinating to look at and when you take a look at this place it’s kind of amazing that all these different websites can be hosted on these singular computer units. And if you own the website and you pay for hosting your website is hosted on one of those computers in that data center. If you own a dedicated server then your website is hosted on a physical Hardware server that you rent by the month or the year. In essence, a server is just a computer that hosts the website. Instead of just having your personal information that your laptop has on it, it has the code and the markup language that your website consists of. It also contains the data such as pictures and video and software that is used on your website. Also interestingly enough there’s a lot of software and programs that run behind the scenes on the server to make everything run.

Virtual Private Servers


When most people get into running their own website, running their own cloud Network or just hosting their own data on a computer that is not local to them, they typically purchase a virtual private server. A virtual private server is a server that is connected to the internet 24/7 it is designed to run websites and web services at all times. If you think about it, you could actually do this on your own home computer but it will be very slow and it will have all kind of security risk. You will also be charged with the duty of maintaining the server yourself and that can be a lot of work and require a lot of knows how. Another aspect of a virtual private server is that it is virtual. By virtually we mean that unlike a dedicated server that it is a shared computer unit with other servers and other websites that you probably do not own. That this means is that a web hosting company is able to create a virtual server out of 1 hardware unit and provide 10 – 20 virtual servers to many people.


There are some advantages to having a virtual private server over a dedicated server. One major advantage is just that when you rent a dedicated server you typically have more work that you have to do to get everything up and running. And when people typically purchase a dedicated server they are expected to have a little bit more technical know-how. There are Services known as managed dedicated servers and managed virtual personal service. These help people who don’t have the technical know-how to do everything themselves. Another advantage of having virtual private servers that it cost a lot less money because you’re not being allocated all of the hardware space that a dedicated server requires. You are sharing space with other users of  virtual servers on the same Hardware. So you’ve basically shared Resources with other people and that helps you save money. Another thing that you can do with the virtual private server is that you can have your own IP address, you can purchase more IP addresses so that if you were to own an email server or another type of utilities that you won’t be lumped into the same category as everyone else who’s using the same Hardware.


If this is your first foray into the server world then we suggest that you purchase a virtual private server with managed features so that you are not left doing everything yourself. It is the least expensive option, it is several notches above shared hosting, it gives you more power and flexibility to do things like running an email server, setting up a cloud Network for your business and executing software from your server. If your business grows really fast that you need even more resources and you might eventually get to the point where you need a dedicated server but it is really something that a company doesn’t  need to start off with. You typically have to grow to that point where their business gets really big or they start to get a lot of traffic to their website and they need that extra bit of privacy and Power.


When it comes to finding the right company to post your virtual private server or dedicated server the internet is your friend. You can easily find out who the best companies are with a quick Google search. One thing about servers and internet hosting is that people who are the customers of these companies are quick to tell you who are the bad companies and who are the good ones. You can quickly find this information in 1 Google search. We also suggest that you not be afraid to use small companies who are new. They often will give you a lower price and will give you more personalized service. So if you don’t just want to be just another customer number then going with a smaller company might be a good idea.


So at this point, you have enough information to start looking for your very own virtual private server or dedicated server. You should understand what they are used for, how they can benefit your business and which option is best for you. You should also have a few ideas on how to find the right company to host a virtual private server or dedicated server. There are many options out there who are big and who are small. Just do your research and you can’t go wrong.

Your Guide To Getting A Server For A Multiplayer Game Set Up

LED Gaming Keyboard

While multiplayer games can be tremendously entertaining, being at the mercy of the game’s servers can be frustrating. If the developer decides to do maintenance on your only day off, you won’t be able to play. If they decide to shut the servers down, then the money you spend on the game will go down the drain.


However, you can avoid all of these issues if you get a server for a multiplayer game set up. If the main servers are down, you can start a game on your private servers. If the servers are shut down, you can keep playing on your own servers for as long as you like.


Of course, you’ll want to make sure that you select the right server for your game. If you read these server tips, you’ll be able to choose something that will make your favorite multiplayer game even better.


  1. Security Is CrucialPeople share a lot of personal information while they play games. Because of this, you need to make sure that the server you choose makes security a priority. No one should be able to access your server or your data unless you want them to.Look for a company that provides a firewall and regularly makes updates to improve security. Hackers are always looking for weaknesses; you need to find a company that will be able to keep them out.


  1. Figure Out Who Will Run Your ServerWhen you have a private server, you’ll need to make sure that it’s always up and running when you need it to be. However, you might not want to be the one who has to be in control of that.If you’re looking for your own private server, you probably have a group of friends that you want to play with regularly. Work with them to figure out how your private server will be staffed. While it’s likely that no one in your group will be getting paid for the work they do, that work still needs to be done.


  1. Consider Renting A ServerA lot of people want the benefits of having their own private server, but don’t want to deal with all of the headaches that come with it. These people might want to consider renting a private server. That way, they’ll have a server when they need it, but won’t have to deal with all the little details.All of the most popular multiplayer games have rentable private servers available. As long as the game you want to play as a big following, you should be able to rent a server for a fairly competitive price.


  1. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For HelpRunning a private game server can be extremely challenging. Most people are going to encounter problems at some point. When you run into an issue, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help.There are all kinds of communities out there for gamers. While some can be unfriendly, others are very helpful. If you’re having any kind of issues with your server, you should be able to get some assistance from other people. The issue will be resolved, and you’ll be able to get back to enjoying your game.


  1. Communicate With The People On The ServerA lot of the problems associated with running a multiplayer game server stem from a lack of communication. For example, if there are certain rules you want the people on your server to abide by, you need to make sure that those rules are easily accessible. If they aren’t, you’re going to have a lot of arguments.Running a server can be like an unpaid job. Make sure you take the time to make sure that everyone on your server knows the things that they need to know. If you communicate well, you can avoid drama and enjoy your private server.


If you follow this simple guide, you should be able to get a server for a multiplayer game set up without issue. More importantly, you should be able to avoid a lot of frequent problems. You’ll be able to make the most of your private game server.

How To Setup Game Server Hosting: Finding The Right Server For Your Game

Game Server Hosting

While playing games online can be a lot of fun, it can also be a big hassle. It can be hard to find a group of people to play with, and it can be even harder to play the game the way you want to play it. When you play on a game’s servers, you have to abide by that servers rules.


If you setup game server hosting, you’ll have a lot more flexibility. You’ll be able to use any mods you desire, or only play with friends that you trust. You can avoid the maps you don’t like in shooters, or come up with a set of rules that suits your play style. Everything will be up to you.


However, before you can take advantage of the benefits that a private server has to offer, you’ll have to find a server. There are a lot of things you’ll have to take into consideration as you work to find the best place for your game.


  1. Look At Your OptionsSome servers can be rented, while others can be purchased outright. Some are fairly budget-friendly, while others are pretty costly. Sometimes, you can even create a server for free.Make sure you take a look at all of the different options available to you. Evaluate all kinds of game servers so that you can get a good idea of what kind of choices you have. The more you know about servers, the easier it will be for you to find something that meets your needs.


  1. Think About The Genre Of Game You’re Going To Be PlayingDifferent genres of games pose different needs. If you’re playing a first-person shooter, you need to make sure that you have as little lag as possible. Even a small amount of lag can have a massive impact on the overall game.However, there are also genres in which lag isn’t as important. For example, if you’re playing a multiplayer strategy game with your friends, it won’t matter if you have some lag issues every now and again. You’ll still be able to play an enjoyable game.

    Don’t invest in a server that won’t fit your needs. Keep looking until you find something that’s a perfect match for the kind of games you’d like to play. There’s no point in playing games on the wrong server.


  1. Do Your ResearchRead up on any of the options you’re considering. Try to find reviews from people who have used them in the past. Have they encountered any problems, or has the experience been fairly smooth overall?The more research you do, the easier it will be for you to avoid the headaches that frequently come with private servers. You’ll be able to avoid the bad servers and find a server that you’ll be able to play fantastic games on. The game will flow beautifully for your entire play session, and you’ll have few, if any, problems.


  1. Make Sure You Have People To Play WithSome people assume that if you start a private server, you should easily be able to attract enough people to a game. While this may be true for titles that don’t need many players, such as Minecraft, this isn’t true for the vast majority of games.Don’t spend any money on game servers unless you’re sure you have a solid group of people to play with. Even if you’ve thought of ways to advertise your server, you may wind up with an empty game if you don’t have a base of players in advance.


  1. Consider The Times You’ll Be Playing AtServers tend to take a beating during peak gaming hours. If you’re planning on playing your game during a popular time — like weekend evenings — then you’ll need to make sure that the server you use will be able to accommodate that.If you use a shared server for your game, you may run into problems during peak gaming hours. For the smoothest and best results, you’ll either have to play during less popular hours, or invest in a dedicated server for your game sessions.

    Having a private server to play on can be a lot of fun for any gamer. You won’t have to abide by any sort of rules or restrictions. You’ll be able to control everything about your games. It’ll be an incredible experience for you and everyone you play with.


With that said, you won’t be able to enjoy your server unless you think things through. Make sure you setup game server hosting in the right way. Choose a server that matches your needs and falls within your budget. If you use these tips, you should be able to find a server you’ll be happy with.

Detailed Wombat Servers Review

Gaming Server by Kelly Hunter (Flickr) [CC-BY-2.0]
When you talk to people about Wombat Servers, they are genuinely happy about their experience or what they have heard. This is a good way to start a review about a brand that has been around for a while. This review is going to gauge how good they are and what their servers are able to bring to the table.


Servers are an interesting topic and one that should be reviewed from all angles including usability.


This review will do a lot for those who are on the fence.


Excellent Speed


A server is only as good as the speed you are getting. You are not going to enjoy much when you are not getting good speeds on their servers. On this end, they have done a good job, and the speeds will be there for you every time you need them.


People don’t have enough speed to work with, and that is what hurts them. You want to work with the speeds that are out there and then decide what is needed.


When you sign up with this company, you are looking at speeds that are unbeatable compared to other networks that might present their options. You are just not going to be finding such resounding options on other networks.


Why choose them when you can trust these servers instead?




An affordable solution is all you are going to be begging for because sometimes the servers are not cheap at all. You don’t want to pay too much especially when you are starting out. The rates they offer are great and will fit in with what you are looking for.


Don’t pay too much for servers especially when a big brand such as this is reducing their rates as well. They know what you want, and that is a plus point.


They are not looking to scam you out of your money, and the servers are genuinely of the highest class.


Good Customer Service


Customer service is a backbreaker for some networks in this day and age. They just don’t care about customers enough to pay attention to this. You are not going to be happy about that at all and why should you be? Would anyone be happy about this?


Customer service is something you will not ignore and you should not.


Wombat Servers are great in this regard. They do have some of the best customer services you will find with representatives that are not just collecting paychecks and care about you. This helps when you are talking to them and looking for a solution to a problem that has crept up.


Great Uptime


With servers, you are always looking for something that can remain up. You want to be certain it is going to remain up as that is what holds people back. They don’t receive the uptime that is required, and it bothers them a lot. It is essential to look at Wombat Servers with a keen eye because the uptime is going to be there for you.


It is going to remain consistent, and it will give you the necessary growth that is required moving forward. You will enjoy being on these servers without a doubt.


Too many people don’t look at uptime, and that is what hurts them.




Wombat Servers are the best in the world right now, and the amount of people who are using their servers says it all. They are fantastic to go with, and you will be able to appreciate the value they bring. You are just not going to find people who are better than this.


They are the very best at what they do and will continue to remain so for a long time to come. They put the quality where it should be, and that would be their servers.


You will sign up with them and know you are getting a good deal along with service from people who are not in it just to make cash. They are providing good networks for you to work with and pay attention to their connections at all times.


They are big on this, and you will love it. Sign up right away.

A Player Community For Mobile Games: Helpful Tips

game community

Are you a big fan of playing mobile games? Are you looking for other to share your passion with? If so, you should definitely look for a player community that focuses on mobile games. There are many reasons that you would definitely enjoy your time spent sharing gaming information with others who enjoy playing just as much as you do. Read on to learn more about finding and using a player community that caters to mobile games.

There are many benefits to joining a player community for mobile games. You are able to spend time with others who like to play games. Also, you can gain information as people discuss new games, tips for games you enjoy, and other information that you feel is important. You can ask questions, too, and also, help others who are interested in the same games and kinds of games as you are. Once you feel comfortable, start looking for the a community to join.

One of the first things that you want to do is find an active community. Start by performing a search online. Many results will come up, but you will want to weed through them to find a player community that has active members. You can do this looking at posts, forums, or blogs and checking the date. If the last activity was the same day, you can assume that the community is active. Poke around on the site before deciding to join the player community.

Once you have looked around and found a mobile game player community that you are interested in, create an account. Most communities online require that you have an account before you can post. While you may be able to read limited content, to have full access, registering is typically the only way. When you do register, you will create a username and password, and be required to share information about yourself.

After you have registered, spend more time getting to learn about the community. Have you read the rules and guidelines? If not, it is important. Also, look for an FAQ page or section that you can learn more. Once you feel ready, go ahead and do an introduction. Just a few sentences to tell the other community members about you.

Now you can start becoming more active in the player community. Ask questions, answer questions, share words of encouragement and be present when you can. As you do, you will start to form relationships with other players in the community. It is important as you spend time in the player community to be nice with your words. Since you can’t actually see who you are talking to as you hide behind a screen, it is easier to say things that are unkind. Don’t do this, though.

As you can see, you can enjoy your time spent in a player community for mobile games. Use the tips that are shared here and find the best place for you to spend time.

Video Game Forum Community: A Helpful Guide

Video Game Controller

Do you enjoy playing video games? Do you enjoy talking with others about games you have played, are playing, or want to play? If this is something that you either want to get started with, or do more of, you should consider joining a video game forum community. Continue reading to learn why this is a smart choice and how to make your experience as part of an online gaming community a good one.

Everyone has to start somewhere and being new on a forum or in an online community can be a tad overwhelming at first. No need to worry, though, after a bit of a learning curve, hanging out online with your new friends will be an enjoyable experience for many reasons.

Let’s talk about getting acquainted with the video game online community forum. The first thing you want to do is find an active community. With a simple search, you will find lots of options, but check out when the last posts were. An inactive community isn’t the best place to spend your time.

Once you’ve found a community you would like to be a part of, you will want to register. This includes sharing information such as your email address, choosing a username and password, and maybe other information as requested.

After you register, start learning about the community and the forum. Look for an FAQ section, this will give you a lot of helpful information. Spend some time reading the rules, learning the lingo, and getting a feel for the way the site works.

Don’t hesitate in introducing yourself. A simple intro post will show others that you want to be a part of their community. As you do this, look for posts you can respond to, too. The more active you can be the better.

Once you have spent some time introducing yourself, responding to a few posts, and learning the rules, start being more active. Don’t go crazy and become an annoyance, but look for questions you can answer, say hello to any new members, add your wisdom as you can.

After spending some time on the forum, you have likely begun to notice the benefits of being a member of the community. You are able to ask questions that you may have. Whether you are stuck on your game, need some tips in finding something in particular, or want to know when the next installment is coming out, you can likely get an answer. Not only that, but you can share what you know with others. A good relationship should be given and take, so don’t just take all the knowledge you can, share yours with others, take the time to spread a kind word.

On a forum, there are some general guidelines as you spend time as a part of the video game community. First, you should be kind. You don’t always have to agree with what others say, and if you don’t, just avoid the conversation. Next, be a good influence. Be nice, share wisdom, be encouraging, and welcoming. You may be surprised how far that gets you and how much of an influence you have over the community.

In conclusion, spending time with an online video game community forum is a great way to spend time talking with those who have the same interests as you do. Start by getting to know the community you are interested in, introduce yourself, be an active and kind participant. Have fun online and be responsible and you can be a part of an amazing community of gamers.

Good Game Hosting Server And Its Pros

Game Hosting Server

A good server is important not only for websites but for games as well. If the server is not good, how will you be able to enjoy what you are playing? You will get stuck in a session and the game won’t move along. You will know it is time to get a new server.

The hosting problems people face always stem from lagging and other issues with connectivity. You want the server to be good so you don’t lag out all the time.

You need it to keep up with your demands because that is what a nice server does.


The speed that you are getting on the server does matter. It is not about lagging alone which will be talked about down below, but more about how quickly you are connecting and staying connected.

You want the speed to be crisp so your movements are being recorded as you are doing them and that is always important in games. If your movements are not being recorded in time, you might never win at all.

This is not what gaming should come down to. You want optimal speed and you will get it here with this hosting option.

No Lagging

The biggest hitch you will find with a game hosting server has to involve lagging. You will be playing an intense game online and you will be sharing it with multiple people only to see your screen is not moving. What has happened for the screen to not move around?

The problem is your screen is lagging and that has to do with the game hosting server. The speeds are not up to par and, of course, you are the one who is losing out. It might even cost you the game.

A good game hosting server is not pertinent for anyone that is serious about their gaming. You can’t play a serious game and expect the server to save you when it is not a good one. The demand that is being put on servers is high now and only the best options will survive. If you don’t think about going with a good server, how will you be able to get a good session in?

You will be playing a game that has no chance of working out and that is when you know it is time to get a new server.